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Hypertension Research Center(HRC)

Hypertension Division

Click here for a list of programs to be conducted by ICRC's Hypertension Division in 2003


Date of Establishment: 1372
Present director: 
Dr. Ali Reza Khosravi
Specialty: Cardiologist
Colleagues: Rezvan Ansari
Position: Research expert
E-mail: rezvan_ans@yahoo.com, crc@mui.ac.ir

Since the establishment of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center there were several activities on Blood Pressure until a blood pressure unit has begun it's dependent activity since 1993 and has done several researches.

This unit have expanded its activities and became as independent unit in 1998. Today the 'Blood Pressure Unit' of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center have been linked to the activity of the committee of Iranian Heart Foundation (IHF).


The main activities of this division are divided to the following areas:

-Research Activities

-Educational Activities

-Treatment Activities

-Other Activities


-Current Researches

-Articles Published in Iran

-Articles publish International Journal

-Journals presented in national and international seminars


1- Research Activities:

Several studies and articles have been published in national and international journal. List of current researches is included. These studies are in preparation with the cooperation of doctors and experts of Cardiovascular Research Center and also other department and faculty of university.


2- Educational Activities:

In accordance with the aims of National program of CVD prevention and control  (IHHP), this unit carried on several seminars and workshops and booklets and educational pamphlets in the case of Hypertension disease which were useful for specialists, general physicians, trainees and other health professionals. The plot of these activities was about diagnosis and treatment algorithms and also prevention and follow up related to the mentioned levels.

All these activities are done with cooperation of part time faculty members of cardiology department in Isfahan University of medicine and the management of expanding studies considering IHHP and other projects.

Issues like diagnosis referral and treatment algorithms, preventive education and follow up at related levels.


3- Treatment Activities:

Treatment of all referred patients to this unit.


4- Other Activities:

Coordination with order units of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center about prevention and control of blood pressure.

Close coordination with Risk Chart, MI and Stroke Registry Unit about prevention and registering of patients.

Coordination with Isfahan Healthy Heart Project and Healthy Lifestyle for Cardiovascular Patients Project.

Assessing knowledge, attitude and practice of physicians, nurses in control and treatment of blood pressure in Isfahan province and other universities of Iran.

Promotion of knowledge, attitude and practice of patients, physicians and nurses about control and treatment of hypertension.

Organizing national and international scientific workshops, seminars and symposiums in order to achieve appropriate methods of treatment and discussion among related specialist.

How can blood pressure be measured appropriately? Hypertension Symposium 1996.  



*Holter monitoring of blood pressure in 24 hours with the necessary program in this unit and is used for example: treatment efficiency, treatment failure, etc.

2-Computer                 3-Internet                     4-New WHO treatment protocol

*This Unit has a closed cooperation with hypertension committee of Iranian Heart Foundation (IHF) and it preparing a research projects about KAP of general physician in the case of hypertension in companied by Heart Foundation representatives in several provinces such as Yazd, Qazvin, Fars and Kermanshah.


6-Current Researches:

1- General physician KAP survey regarding hypertension with recommendation Dr. Mohsen Ebrahim (From Egypt) as part of the Eastern Mediterranean network on heart health activities and cooperation of representatives of the Iranian Heart Foundation from Yazd, Qazvin, Shiraz, Kermanshah.

2- Clinical trial 'the efficacy of Iranian Captopril in high blood pressure therapy with BP holter monitoring in 24 hours'. 

3- Studying the reasons for uncontrolled hypertension in patients referred to the hypertension unit. 

4- Prevalence of depression and anxiety associated with high blood pressure and relation to antihypertensive drugs.  

5- Planning for a WHO/ WHL study 'teaching to teacher' for hypertension control. 

6- Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases (Isfahan Healthy Heart Program). 

7- Relationship between Lp(a) plasma level, fibrinosan, homosistein and anticardio. 

8- The effect of Atenolol (made in Iran-foreign countries), Indapamid, Hydrocloropetazid in the treatment of patients with hypertension-joint plan with Servier Company.

7- Articles Published in Iran

1- Determining the hypertension percentiles in the number 43 population of Isfahan (Journal of Isfahan Medical School).

2- The study of assumed drugs regimens in hypertensive patients in Isfahan city. 

3- A comparison study to examine the relevant frequency of hypertension between children aged 6-18 whose parents have hypertension and the control group in Isfahan (1998). 

4- Physician KAP survey about CHD (coronary heart disease) risk factors and importance of controlling them (1999). 

5- To examine the oxidant effects of captopril by measuring MDA (lipid peroxide), conjugated dine and serum anti oxidation capacity before and after treatment patients with hypertension and heart failure (1999). 

6- Non-controlling hypertension effects in patients, 2003. Qazvin Journal. 

7- Tren obesity in hypertension Isfahan-Iran 1999-2002. 

8- Tren hypertension in Isfahan-Iran 1999-2002. 

9- Tren obesity in Isfahan-Iran 1999-2002. 

10- Prevalence phenotype of metabolic syndrome in hypertention patient in Iran center area 2002.

8- Articles publish International Journal

1- Sarraf-Zadegan N, Amininik S. "Blood pressure pattern in urban and rural area: Isfahan hypertension study." J Human Hypertension 1997; 11(7): 424-28.

2- Sarraf-Zadegan N, Boshtam M, Mostafavi S, et al. "Prevalence of hypertension and associated risk factors in Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran." Eastern Mediterranean Health J 1999; 5(5): 992-1001.

3- Asgary S, Saraf-Zadegan N, Naderie Gh, et al. "Antihypertensive and Antihyperlipidemic effect of Achillea Wilhelmslii." Drugs under Experimental and Clinical Research. 2000; 26(3): 89-94.

4- Singh RB, Suh IL, Sarraf-Zadegan N. "Hypertension and stroke in Asia: prevalence, control and strategies in developing countries for prevention". J of Human Hypertension 2000; 14(10/11): 749-763.

5- Boshtam M, Rafiei M, Sadeghi K, Sarraf-Zadegan N. "Vitamin E can reduce blood pressure in mild Hypertensives". Int J Vit Nutr Res 2002; 72(3): 27-31.

6- Asgary S, Naderie Gh A, Sarraf-Zadegan N. "Antihypertensive effect of Iranian Cratageus Currisepnla". J Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants.

7- Sarraf-Zadegan N, Sajadi F, et al. 'Hypertension and diabetes situation in the Eastern Mediterranean Wegion: with special reference to Iran'. J of international Academy of cardiovascular sciences.

8- Association of urinary and potassium with blood pressure in hypertensive and normotensive subjects in Isfahan, Iran. Australian and New Zealand J Med.

9- Hypertension and diabet prevalence, awareness treatment, control rates in the Eastern Mediterranean region with special reference to Iran. Inter J cardiology.

10 -Kelishadi R, Najafian A, Hashmi-poor M. 'Is primary prevention from essential hypertension necessary from childhood?' J of Isfahan University of medical sciences 1999; 4(2-3): 109-112.

11- Rafiei M. Boshtam M. Sarraf-Zadegan N. et al. 'The association of calcium and blood pressure in adults of Isfahan City' Journal of Kashan University of medical science.

9- Journals presented in national and international seminars:

1- Medication used in hypertensive patient in Iran. 13th Egyptian Society of Atherosclerosis, 10-13 April, 2002.

2- Trend of hypertension 1999-2001. Japan 2003.

3- Non-controlling of hypertension in patients aged 65 years. 13th congress of Iranian Heart Association in Collaborating with the University of Venue 8-19 Oct, 2002- Tehran, Iran.

4- Non-controlling of blood pressure in men and women. 13th Egyptian Society of Atherosclerosis, 10-13 April, 2002.


Click here for a list of programs to be conducted by ICRC's Hypertension Division in 2003


Last update:  Monday  2  April  2016

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