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Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute is a WHO collaborating center for Research & Training in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Control, Prevention and Rehabilitation for Cardiac Patients in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR).
ICRI initiated its activities in 1987 with aim of performing research on CVD prevention and health promotion for information for action.
The central goal of ICRI is to utilize the existent technology to perform community-oriented biomedical research, produce applicable results, and contribute to furthering human knowledge in the realms of science.

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The re-designation of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute as a World Heart Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center in Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR)
Final report “Sustainability of interventions of Heart Health Promotion from Childhood Project”
Final Report of "Developing Suitable Model for Self-Care of Hypertensive Patients"
The First Iranian recommendations on prevention, evaluation and management of high blood pressure
ICRI aims to assist academic and research centers, as well as other health care providers to conduct programs for prevention, control and treatment of CVDs and their related risk factors.
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The catchphrase in ICRI is:

'Health promotion in the community will be achieved only by applying valid research findings in health policies and all decision-making in this field'.
Presently ICRI has its own official chart,centers and budget. ICRI is located in the historical central Iranian city of Isfahan, Isfahan Province.

Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute
Our greatest aspiration is to stem the rise in the prevalence of CVD-related events and foster the development of healthier life-styles.

What is Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP)?

Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) is a comprehensive community-based interventional program for non-communicable diseases prevention and control.
It is one of the most recent health programs of national and regional significance which is being jointly undertaken by ICRI and Isfahan Provincial Health Center ...more

Centers of the ICRI?

Isfahan carvascular research institute constitue from three centers: Cardiovascular Research Center (CRC) Hypertension Research Center (HRC) Cardiac Rehabilitation Research Center(CRRC) ...more

Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Seddigheh Tahereh Research and Treatment Hospital, Khorram Ave, Isfahan, IR. Iran.
Tel: (+98 31) 33359898, 33359890, 33359696, 33359797
Fax: (+98 31) 33373435
PO Box:
81465-1148, Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
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