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ICRC is in pursuit of the following objectives:

1. To carry out basic and clinical research in the field of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) with a special reference to the epidemiological aspects of prevention and control of CVDs, Cerebrovascular Diseases (CeVDs) and their risk factors and related diseases.
2. To collect, evaluate and circulate information from research on prevention of CVDs and CeVDs.
3. To contribute to the development and transfer appropriate technology for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CVDs and CeVDs in EMR.
4. To produce and disseminate research-based information on CVDs, CeVDs and their related risk factors to WHO when requested.
5. Education and training, including: research training, medical education in the fields of NCD prevention, control and rehabilitation.
6. Coordination of activities carried out by several institutions on a given subject.
7. Providing information and advice on scientific, technical and policy issues. 8. Developing a surveillance system for NCDs and monitoring the risk factors and incidence of CVD and CeVD, and gauging related behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge in the community at large.

Last update:  Wednesday  4  June  2004

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
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